Join The Think Tank (Top-100)

Does it irk you to see creative potential go to waste? Do you feel restless knowing that you have the answer to a problem but you cannot effectively implement that answer? Do you feel like you can turn things around, if only you are given charge for just an iota of a moment? Do you ever get the feeling where you know you can help your people but you don’t understand where to begin?

If you feel all these sentiments for Pakistan, your motherland, your nation, then you have landed on the right side of this cyberspace.

Pakistan is in dire need of your creative mind and your solutions – and this platform is the perfect place to set your ideas into motion. No debate would go in vain here; no thought would be shunned or suffocated. If you are a specialist and you understand what exactly needs to be done to help Pakistan excel in your field of interest, then you are what this forum needs.

The idea is painfully simple. wishes to invite you to join a group of intellectual finesse, where the top 100 brightest minds would sit together and try to come up with an effective blueprint to pull Pakistan back on its feet. Here’s a chance for you to prove that your expertise can make you a national hero – irrespective of where you are from. Whether you are in USA or Europe or China or Kenya, whether you live in the southern hemisphere or dwell somewhere up north, if you are a Pakistani by birth, they don’t hesitate and sign-up to become a driving force for you people.

Pakistan needs a metaphorical pick-me-up in virtually every field, so no matter what you are an expert of, if it is related to this country, your prowess is much sought after. If you are still not sure whether you are the person we need, below are a few pointers as to who we are looking for. You should have:

  • A PhD/post-graduate degree with 16+ years of experience.
  • The ability to work in a team environment.
  • A revolutionary idea or a practical plan to resolve problem areas specified by below.
  • At least one hour a week to spare for this project online.
  • Can spare at least 2 hours a week online.

Furthermore, you can join a maximum of three think tanks.

But what exactly are these think tanks about?


The top 100 Pakistani experts who will constitute the think tank would be responsible for deriving, articulating, and finalizing solutions which can help Pakistan lead to greatness. They would obviously be asked to come up with ways to implement those suggestions as well.

The think tank will regularly discuss and deliver on issues that matter, remaining fully independent. Alongside this, members will enjoy networking opportunities, connecting with other professionals, and hearing, experiencing and debating the latest breakthroughs and happenings in their area of expertise. And what is the mission of this think tank? It is to create a buffer of solutions pertaining to the innumerable problems which plague Pakistan and help in pushing this buffer to direct state-level policies – which is what wishes to achieve.

Group members will have the liberty to work at leisure, upfront or behind the scenes, and communicate their invaluable suggestions, ideas and plans to our team overseeing this project.

Here are some umbrella categories that the think tank would have to divide its experts in and come up with viable solutions for all of these departments:

  • Extremism
  • Business (including entrepreneurship, small businesses and corporate)
  • Economy (Including banking and Islamic financial systems)
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Moral values
  • Judicial system
  • Police and Criminal Justice system
  • Health
  • Oil, gas and natural resources
  • Clean drinking water
  • Urban planning and transport
  • Media, Journalism and Investigative reporting

If you have an expertise in either of these fields (or the issues that come under them) and you wish to voice your solutions effectively, then do not hesitate in coming forward. Today, more than ever before, you intellect and your council is much sought after and this is your chance to help your country come out of the ubiquitous corruption it is plunged in.

We would be honored to have you on our team!

To join, please Register and select your area(s) of expertise, we will get in touch with you during the approval process.

Recent Testimonials

  • Danish Nizami

    Pakistan is one of the unfortunate states which are suffering from severe ills of the society; corruption is one of those; damaging the pillars of the country. I have always wondered how we will be able to see where is the money spent and how the estimates are made, as millions of rupees go down the drain for small development schemes.

  • Farwa Malik

    I strongly support this legislation as it provides solid grounds for building a sustainable infrastructure in order to ensure transparency and accountability in all federal and provincial government set ups. This kind of radical change was much needed since years as Pakistan started to face economic crisis and got buried under huge loans worth millions of dollars.

  • Sadia Umer

    Being a common citizen of Pakistan, I might at least bother about the budgeting as I am more concerned about my salary, inflation and my expenses. Well the question is that why every year I come across with the negative budget and the expenditures are higher. Why is it so that the budget is in deficit and the general public is not aware on the calculations?

  • Maryam Irfan

    We want transparency in all financial departments of Pakistan. I am a supporter of this legislation as well. I totally agree with the objectives and purposes of the legislation which totally rely on a proper channel of monitoring the financial invoices of the country by a COMMON MAN.

  • Tehseen Rafi

    This legislation is a great step towards achievement of the MDGs. The elected representatives of the nation take charge on the basis of the mandate that has been given to them by the citizens of Pakistan. This refers to their liabilities to serve the people who brought them to do so, but unfortunately, they come not to serve but to rule.

  • Nesa Rao

    14 years have been passed from the 9/11 event. The consequences of this disaster have brought many changes in the lives of Muslims especially in Pakistan. The law and order situation has become worst and the drone attacks have taken lives of many innocent people.

  • Madiha

    Being a citizen of a country where we talk a lot about democracy, it is no wonder that you wish implementation of the accountability parameters and protocols as well. Pleased enough to go through the legislation which states that the social development and the crime rate will be monitored and controlled with the help of the local representatives.

  • Umme Talha

    My patriot soul always asked me a question, why not the best for Pakistan, and I never had an answer. From support staff to CSP officers, there is a tough competition on merit; multiple stages and ways of testing and great effort to choose the best. I wonder why nobody has ever thought that we need the best lot of professionals to run our country.

  • Maryam Irfan

    No doubt, we need a system which has to be upgraded at least annually. Training of government officials must be mandatory. No doubt, our country’s system demands that the officials must submit their reports or plans yearly or quarterly, yet, a lot of accountability and follow-up needs to be done.

  • Danish Nizami

    Uniform education system is the call from every Pakistani who considers education as the key to the long term prosperity. Unless we bring the whole nation to the same level, we cannot expect the same level of efforts and contribution. Unfortunately the use of multiple education systems has become a base of segmentation in the society.