Proposed Legislations

Legislation 1a

Financial Transparency & Accountability

Legislation 1b

New Standards of Accountability!

Legislation 2a

Performance of Elected Representatives

Legislation 2b

Performance review of Elected Representatives

Legislation 3

Men and Light and Leading

Legislation 4

Tender Opportunities and Procurement Nation Wide

Legislation 5

National Problem Resolution System/Call Centre

Legislation 6

Success through Efficiency, Efficiency through expertise

Legislation 7

Uniform Education System

Legislation 8

National Hiring Process/Promoting the Virtues of Merit

Legislation 9a

Parliament and Senate Committees

Legislation 9b

Compensation Caps for all highest Ranking officials

Legislation 9c

Parliament and Senate Committees

Legislation 10a

Renewal of the electoral process

Legislation 10b

Making Votes Count

Legislation 11

Get Rid Of All Mafias

Legislation 12

Independent Board Of Directors For Accountability

Legislation 13

Remove Pain From Life Of Man On The Street

Legislation 14

No Elite Protocol and Security

Legislation 15

Land Reform Policy