National Hiring Process/Promoting the Virtues of Merit



PRINCIPLE CONCEPT:  National Hiring Process/Promoting the Virtues of Merit/Meritocracy

                                                 ‘Employing the Best, to Serve the Best!’ 



A state, with its long list of responsibilities and functions, hires a very high number of people. Same is the case with Pakistan, where unemployment remains rampant despite the best efforts of the government. This has affected an entire generation of youth, often to a devastating effect: rising crime rates and suicides are two of its most severe byproducts.
By creating a centralized portal for all government job listings, the state will offer these youth with a whole array of possibilities under one umbrella. More importantly, it has to be ensured that the hiring is done on the basis of merit and in a transparent manner, without nepotism or cronyism affecting the result.
It will also mean that those making the decisions will ensure that all necessary steps are taken to ensure that the individual hired is worthy of the job. 
The listing of job openings in government departments would give the common man a whole range of possible employment opportunities – for those who are unemployed as well as those looking for a career switch.
The e-portal will ensure that all those who apply for any particular listing can see the names of all other applicants for that job and also see their profiles. This will, thus, give the unsuccessful candidates the satisfaction that the successful candidate had the qualifications for the job.
With its emphasis on merit and transparency, the government will also attract graduates that generally opt for the corporate sector. This will greatly strengthen the public sector and improve its performance, which benefits the government as much as any ordinary Pakistani. 

A centralized e-portal will be created that will serve as a job listing site as well as a database of profiles and resumes of all those who have applied for any job. A good database will allow the system to identify individuals fit for specific jobs as well.
Meanwhile, the government will have to develop a standard test to ensure that each employee it hires meets a baseline criteria – not just in terms of literacy but also in terms of behavioral and attitudinal competencies. This will drastically improve the public sector work force.
Also, anyone and everyone can view this process. There should be a complete listing of all the jobs available; list of all candidates who have applied; list of candidates who have been successful; etc. This will mean that each candidate knows that they had a fair shot at the job; and also the stage where they failed. This will enable them to prepare better in the future.
This way, the process of hiring would also be under review and can thus be constantly improved through feedback. The entire hiring process will also be charted on the e-portal, with candidates able to find out the number of stages after which the hiring decision would be made, and the time-frame for each part of the hiring process. This will ensure that each department executes its hiring process with due diligence; otherwise, it could be held accountable for failing to execute the process in the defined time-span.

Academic Scholarships:

Similarly, all government scholarships that are offered by the Pakistani government or by the government of any friendly country, such as the Fulbright program of the US, the HEC scholarships, the Chinese or Germany government scholarships, would also be listed on the same portal. Their review process must be monitored and the scholarships only awarded after due diligence.